Television was never capable of modifying shows just enough to unconsciously enforce or twist our thinking

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What we fail to realise is, how these recommendations, point by point actually change our opinions, manipulate us and with the content “we want to see,” we lose our ability to comprehend opposite views. You have read about all you think is right every day on your feed, and there is so much to support your views that the opposition and their thinking looks stupid to you. Stupid because, inspite of all the supporting content, they fail to see it! Just that, the opposition also believes in the feed they are watching, day in and out. Heavily funded conspiracy theories which have successfully affected people with similar likes as you are served to you for engagement. National elections, climate change, racial compassion and many other fundamentally important issues are targeted, and opinions swayed, ever so slightly, for some third-party beneficiaries. We feel it was our choice of support, but we would never have a wholesome view of the situation to decide unless we categorically demand so.

WordPress Jetpack Search 2.0

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Our new ranking algorithm is pretty new, so it is still hand-tuned. As we collect more data, we will improve how well it works on many different types of sites. However, our new architecture also uses anonymized tracking and A/B testing, which will let us run experiments on our search algorithm over time so we can make consistent, ongoing improvements.

The Mainstream Platforms of Online Surveillance Giants

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This news was covered in Germany — in the public radio service.

However, did not have ANY links to the story. When searching for “amnesty” the mainstream search engines (Google + Bing) only returned results (in the first page / top results). Only DuckDuckGo linked to the website, in the information area at the top right of the SERP.

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These platforms allow people to access them supposedly for free, but instead of charging them a fee they require people to give up their personal data. This is then analysed to aggregate people into groups, and to make predictions about their interests and characteristics – primarily so they can use these insights to generate advertising revenue. The report found that the scale of harvesting and monetising of personal data by these platforms is incompatible with people’s right to privacy.

Even though the main calls in the report are to governments and how they must regulate the industry, it behoves us all to look at the roles we play.

At Amnesty, we are just as dependent on these platforms as big corporations, political parties, and local businesses in order to reach, engage and grow our audiences. The pervasive power of these platforms is exactly why Amnesty has brought out a report…

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Some First Recommendations About More Advanced Search Algorithms for WordPress

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TAGSEO @ WordPress

Today I wanted to reblog an article I saw in my WordPress search feed, but there was no reblog button available. The article was about Mark Zuckerberg + Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez, so I decided to search for those terms to see if there was another article that did have a reblog button. Yes, indeed: there were some available, but no those were not about the same topic, really. So I decided to reblog it the old-fashioned way: I created it by myself, typing it out with my fingers! 😯

On my way to making this decision to actually do some work, I also searched the Google. That was a horror show: oodles of articles, all plastered with ads, none with reblogging capabilities, very few with comments / comment fields (and none — as far as I can remember — implementing WordPress). A classic case of Google making lots of money…

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Who is a Data Scientist? How does he differ from a Data Analyst?

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Data Journal Blog

Data Science is the fact of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data for driving insights, to help a business improve, using advanced technologies. A term coined by DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher in 2008, as the first claims, to define their jobs at Linkedin and Facebook.

A Data Scientist is someone who is data-driven with high-level technical skills, capable of building complex algorithms using large amounts of data, to answer questions and drive strategy in the organization. The responsibilities and main tasks of a Data Scientist may vary from a company to another, depending on its size, its type, etc. The role of a Data scientist can include Data Collection, Cleansing, Analytics, and Data Visualization in a small company, just ML Algorithms in a big company, and all the below in a medium-sized company.


But how a Data Analyst is different?

There is a lot of grey area with many job titles…

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The Types of Data Scientists You Might Meet

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Data Science is currently marketed as a skill/career that anyone can learn. If you can write code you can become a Data Scientist.

Ok, that is an argument for another day. However, because of this marketing and hype surrounding AI (Artificial Intelligence ), it is no surprise that I have crossed paths with Data Scientists coming from various backgrounds and we all have something different to offer. So what types of Data Scientist have I met?

  1. The one that is good at mathematics and can create new models (not that there is any time for that), so genuinely this person is undervalued and can do so much more but the company won’t let them. The academic.
  2. The one that likes talking about the math but does not necessarily understand it but people believe them anyways. He/she also keeps up to date with the latest AI news. They have an…

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Love for Data

I am the master of my fate – and the captain of my destiny | Nelson Mandela

If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life | Plato

While pursuing a career in Data Science – or for any field for that manner – a few things are important to notice. As Data Science has been called “the sexiest job in the 21s century”, many people want to learn it and (in my opinion) earn more money. But why is learning Data Science nothing different than learning to be an engineer, car repair man, doctor, lawyer, etc.?

For me the main factor is: ‘Do what you love’. This means, you should do what interests you, what makes you wake up in the morning all excited and full of energy. And that is data for me. My entire life I have been, unknowingly…

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