WordPress Jetpack Search 2.0

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Our new ranking algorithm is pretty new, so it is still hand-tuned. As we collect more data, we will improve how well it works on many different types of sites. However, our new architecture also uses anonymized tracking and A/B testing, which will let us run experiments on our search algorithm over time so we can make consistent, ongoing improvements.


Some First Recommendations About More Advanced Search Algorithms for WordPress

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Today I wanted to reblog an article I saw in my WordPress search feed, but there was no reblog button available. The article was about Mark Zuckerberg + Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez, so I decided to search for those terms to see if there was another article that did have a reblog button. Yes, indeed: there were some available, but no those were not about the same topic, really. So I decided to reblog it the old-fashioned way: I created it by myself, typing it out with my fingers! 😯

On my way to making this decision to actually do some work, I also searched the Google. That was a horror show: oodles of articles, all plastered with ads, none with reblogging capabilities, very few with comments / comment fields (and none — as far as I can remember — implementing WordPress). A classic case of Google making lots of money…

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